What turns a good jean jacket into a great jean jacket? A little colour. In just the right places.

Maybe a softer, longer sleeve. And details that are as whimsical as they are classic.

The Design Process

We source denim jackets that have a lot of years left in them. Then we match them with the perfect sweater sleeve. 

Once we see the jacket and the sleeve together the addition of creatively appliquéd artistic fabrics adds the perfect balance of sophistication and charm. Beautiful, functional design is not about adding more, it's about knowing when enough is enough. 

The Design Team

If you see a couple of women in your local Goodwill or Value Village with an overflowing cart (or maybe two), checking out sweater sleeves and inspecting jean jackets, that might be us. If you're in a rush, you do not want to get behind us in the check out line.

Where To Find Our Jackets

We are selling our jackets at Art Shows and select Pop Up Markets.

Jackets range from $150 to $200. Check our EVENTS page for upcoming dates. 

When in Doubt, Wear Denim.

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