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What turns a good jean jacket into a great jean jacket? A little colour, a bit of texture, in just the right places. Maybe a softer, longer sleeve. And details that are as whimsical as they are classic. 

Six Ways To Someday has been creating jackets for two years. “We finally had a chance to catch our breath, so we started designing things that make use of the sweater bodies and denim sleeves that we have piled in boxes and bins,” says Heidi. 

All the pieces of all the sweaters are being used. Ponchos make use of large sections of sweater bodies while all remaining pieces are cut into various sizes of squares and used to create the throws. In the photo above you can see the sweater being used in all three creations.


Six Ways to Someday is a passion project for long-time friends Patty Hawkins-Russell and Heidi Holdsworth who live a couple of blocks apart in Stratford Ontario. 


Patty has been working with fabric for most of her life. She owned a boutique women’s wear shop, designed and sewn custom projects and is currently a master sewer in the wardrobe department at the Stratford Festival.


Heidi is a professional graphic designer who uses traditional and new media to successfully represent an enviable client list. “I’ve been in the business for 35 years and I still love my work.” 


It’s a unique combination of talent, skill, creativity and enthusiasm and it really shows through in the unique collections.

The Process

“We source denim jackets that have a lot of years left in them” says Patty. “Then we match them with the perfect sweater sleeve. Once we see the jacket and the sleeve together, we start playing with fabrics to really pull it together.”


The addition of creatively appliquéd artistic fabrics adds the perfect balance of sophistication and charm. “Beautiful, functional design is not about adding more, it's about knowing when enough is enough,” adds Heidi.


“People really love that the jackets and sweaters are all from thrift stores,” says Patty. “We purchase jackets and sweaters at second hand stores from Stratford to Toronto. The fabric that is hand appliquéd may come from an old flannel shirt, a brushed cotton skirt from the 80s, or a bolt end from the local quilting store.”

If you see a couple of women in your local Goodwill or Value Village with an overflowing cart or two, checking out sweater and inspecting jean jackets, that could be Heidi and Patty. “If you’re in a rush, you do not want to get behind us in the check out line,” Patty laughs.


We are selling our jackets at Art Shows and select Pop Up Markets. 

We are also selling some product from this website, visit our SHOP page.

Jackets range from $180 to $230. Ponchos $200 to $220. Throws from $120 to $140.

Check our EVENTS page for upcoming dates. 

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